Meeting Rooms for Hire at Brisbane Technology Park

Looking for a central place to meet clients, give presentations or hold staff assemblies? We have a selection of facilities and boardrooms available across all three of our locations in the Brisbane Technology Park.

Meeting Rooms to Suit Every Need

At our brand-new centre located at 8 Clunies Ross Court, we offer members access to three well-equipped meeting areas, as well as a large boardroom suitable for bigger sessions.

On our first level at 7 Clunies Ross Court, members can expect access to two large areas that can hold up to 12 participants comfortably.




Full Day Hire $300 or $50/ hour.  All your meeting needs will be met.


Meeting Rooms



Full Day Hire $250 or $40/ hour.  All your meeting needs will be met.


Need more space? Our facilities at 88 Brandl Street can accommodate up to 16 people, with members able to access an additional, small meeting area on site.

For more, check out our Brisbane Southside site today.

Benefits of Hiring Our Classy Boardrooms in Brisbane

We understand that tricky discussions are vital. Whether you are looking to develop relationships with your clients and staff, grow your vision, present and pitch, or create a better brand image, sometimes face-to-face is the best path to take. For those moments, we’re here and ready to go – complete with our sophisticated conference room hire in Brisbane.

Look the Part

Coffee shops are fine, but are they really the look you’re going for when you meet with new clients and customers?

As many small organisations find it hard to locate stylish, affordable and suitable boardrooms in Brisbane, we’ve developed a solution – the ability to hire spaces across the Technology Park. This is conveniently situated near all of your favourite amenities, but central to your place of business.

Here are four other benefits of choosing our conference room hire:

  1. Financially Smart
    • Did you know that using our facilities can bring down your overall cost of operation? This is exceptionally true if you have a large portfolio of clients, or expect to grow your portfolio in the near future. It will also save you hundreds on client coffees, lunches, unnecessary rent expenses, utility bills and all of those other overheads you may not have considered at the beginning – especially when all you needed was the boardroom.
  2. Image, Image, Image
    • Our corporate facilities will impress your clients and have a great ability to support your brand in ways you might not have even thought. If you are just starting up, beginning to take the show on the road, or if your current workspace is too small, hiring a temporary space for the day is a brilliant idea.
  3. Simply Convenient
    • Clients find that hiring is much less stressful than trying to organise a space in an already crowded office. There is no need to worry about preparation, changing the layout of the area, or organising access whilst also preparing yourself for the session.

Available Facilities

If you are looking to hire conference rooms in Brisbane, packed with the latest technology, definitive privacy and the professional image you want to exhibit, look no further than our well-equipped spaces.

We also offer virtual offices that offer the physicality of a business address and associated facilities, but eliminate the operating costs of long leases and paid administrative staff.

For more information, and to see the range of other services we offer, visit our Connect Offices or give us a call today to discuss how we can help.