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Benefits of Renting a Virtual Office

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Renting a virtual office is very beneficial for a large range of companies, as it provides a physical, professional address, complete with phone answering and mail handling facilities. With no commitment to a dedicated business space, overhead expenses are minimal and allow business owners to maximise their revenue. Professionals can maintain a home office, or expand into a new market and still have the prestigious address located right here in the Brisbane Technology Park.

We offer different packages to suit any business, whether being a start-up, established or a multinational organisation.

Fewer Overheads

By renting one of our spaces, you immediately reduce your overall spend. Just for a second, calculate your current organisational rent, utility payments, hardware costs, insurances and mail direction services.

Now take that away and think of the additional funds you can invest directly into your products, technology and vision. You can unlock those extra hours in a day after all.

Zero Travel Time

A report released by the University of Melbourne has found that, on average, Queenslanders spend a total of 66 minutes travelling to work in the city each day. That doesn’t seem too excessive, but think about that across a year and we’re spending 279.4 hours a year just travelling.

Now, compare your fuel, metro or cycling expenses. Suddenly the idea of hiring a virtual space seems attractive, doesn’t it? That’s not to mention the time saved by getting ready to head into the city to do work that can be done from anywhere, anyway.

We spend an average of 11.6 days just travelling to and from our physical offices a year. Think of what you could do with those extra two weeks by simply renting at our virtual office facilities. Not only can you pass savings onto clients, but you can also invest more in your team thanks to an adjusted profit margin.

Access Virtual Assistants

Our range of services – not limited to renting a virtual office is here for you and your business needs. We specialise in taking care of all your clerical needs and can support you in collecting and arranging mail, answering your calls, taking messages and responding to a range of queries.

The best thing about this option is that you immediately go from a seemingly small business to a well-equipped organisation with its own contact number and administrative personnel.

We’re passionate about making sure our members focus on the bigger things – their business. So, rather than stressing about your boardroom, leave that part to us.

Speak to us at Connect Offices to discuss your requirements today. We also have a range of conference rooms for hire across various locations, including Brisbane Southside.