Discover our inspiring office spaces on Brisbane’s southside

Connect Offices is the perfect place to meet with clients, develop your business plan or get some much-needed peace to improve your productivity.

We offer flexible solutions for entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses, complete with meeting rooms that are available to hire by the hour or day.

We offer 3 Different Spaces

8 Clunies Ross Court

8 Clunies Ross Court, Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

7 Clunies Ross Court

7 Clunies Ross Court, Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

88 Brandl Street

88 Brandl Street, Brisbane Technology Park, Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113

Our Virtual Office

Enjoy fully furnished facilities on Brisbane’s southside with high-speed internet access. and a plethora of amenities that give you the best value for money. Conveniently positioned on the southside of Brisbane, we have everything you need – from kitchen facilities, phone booths, event spaces and more.

Looking for something extra? Take your business to the next level with virtual office facilities.

The benefits of coworking spaces

These flexible solutions are growing rapidly in popularity. This is because it offers professional benefits like meeting rooms, conference facilities and other amenities you would find at your typical office building.

Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy at Connect Offices include:

  • Total flexibility: You can come and go as you please. Do you achieve your best results at night? You’ll have secure access after hours. Need to do the school pick up and drop-offs? Pop in and out at your leisure.
  • Networking: The problem with working from home is that it can become isolating. With our facilities, you’ll be surrounded by inspiring other professionals so you can collaborate.
  • Lower costs: Our rates are much cheaper than renting a private space, plus we provide all the furniture and amenities. Just bring your computer or other devices, set yourself up in our coworking space and you’re good to go.
  • Around the clock support: Our team is always on hand to provide all of the assistance you need. We want you to be comfortable and productive.
  • Grow your business: With low overheads, total support and inspiring people around you, your business will boom as you discover new levels of productivity.

You’ll be able to enjoy all of our facilities, including free Wi-Fi, printing services and coffee machine, as well as access to an onsite cafe. It doesn’t matter if you want to rent out a conference or meeting room or get some extra desk space – we have something for everyone.

All of the benefits of working from home with a collaborative twist

We offer an environment that is conducive to creativity and productivity. The community aspect fosters collaboration among members, leading to better ideas than what would have been possible on their own.

It also provides a sense of belonging that many feel they don’t get when working from home or in a traditional office setting alone. Finally, it offers flexibility and affordability, which makes it easy for anyone looking for balance or just trying out something new.

We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our coworking spaces are designed to be beautiful, comfortable and productive, so you can achieve your best results in an environment that suits your needs and lifestyle. Plus, we offer flexible terms, so it’s easy to find the right fit for your business.

We are available for all Brisbane southside professionals with locations available at Sunnybank, Logan, Eight Mile Plains and Rochedale. Contact us to find out more.