There’s no doubt that remote work is here to stay. With the successful adaptation of 2020’s home-based trend continuing into 2021 and beyond, we’re seeing a new way of interacting with colleagues, customers, and clients taking shape. However, homes are often inadequate settings for professional meetings and presentations. This is where the serviced office has the advantage.

Offering a contemporary solution, these dynamic coworking settings are ideal for meetings and collaborations. There are so many advantages to using these facilities. And they’re powering a complete lifestyle revolution. 


Enjoy on-demand access without signing a lease

In the traditional corporate model, buildings are leased out to companies for an agreed-upon period of time. This is a costly endeavour that deters sole traders and small businesses, who often find it difficult to cover the cost of a dedicated facility, especially if it’s in a prime part of the city. 

 A serviced office does away with those obstacles entirely. Offering access on an as-needed basis, anyone can book a room when they require it. Expenses are much lower than those in the traditional model. This allows individuals and teams to dedicate their resources to growth and development instead, therefore accelerating progress.


Collaboration leads to creation

As more and more complex issues come up in day-to-day life, greater lateral thinking is required to solve them. Corporations often seek consultants to come in and help them move forward, as employees often have limited exposure to fresh perspectives and ideas.

collaborationCo-working naturally attracts all kinds of professionals from a variety of industries, making them excellent places to foster out-of-the-box problem-solving and innovation.

High-calibre experts who work as consultants are magnetised to these spaces, bringing their expertise to companies who mightn’t have learnt their value otherwise. We know this first-hand as hundreds of professionals pass through our Technology Park spaces every day – forming fruitful collaborations and lasting relationships to go places.


Location, location, location

Being anchored to one location has its downsides. Seats fill up, travel time varies for team members, and post-9-5 activities can be difficult to attend. Once the facility is locked in, you’re committed. Until the lease runs out, there’s no going back.

Contrast that to a Connect Offices membership, which offers several Brisbane Technology Park buildings to choose from, all furnished with excellent equipment. Connect Offices provide an atmosphere of productivity, sophistication, and professionalism.

A convenient mid-week boardroom hire can be easily booked in for all members, or strategically scheduled to let teams enjoy their favourite amenities. Either way, the ability to efficiently manage time is at your fingertips – which is one of the greatest benefits that our serviced space affords.


Discover a more dynamic way to live

As time goes by, we’re finding that traditional business models no longer make sense for the modern workplace. Undoubtedly, remote operations are here to stay. So are dynamic shared spaces that can be hired out at a moment’s notice.

No matter what you do, membership for our serviced office has everything you need to give off the right impression and accelerate growth. From first-time client meetings to quiet spaces where you can conduct Zoom calls in peace, there’s always a solution within reach.

Explore our membership options to find an ideal arrangement that suits your needs. We have 12 buildings available in Brisbane Technology Park at your disposal. Why not explore them all?

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